Pilgrimage of the Holy Cross

First weekend of May

On the first weekend of May, Sanlucar de Guadiana joins the nearby town of El Granado to enjoy this meeting in the purest rosemary style. Even though a few years ago this party was only celebrated on a Sunday, today it extends throughout the weekend; Thus, on Saturday at noon, residents of both municipalities begin to make their way to the party site, a place known as La Dehesa, located halfway between the two municipalities. People on horseback or on foot populate the different huts which, for the occasion, are set up under the oaks.

The Municipality of Alcoutim will be represented at the Romaria da Cruz with a “caseta” for two days of the event, where it will be possible to sample regional cuisine, made in restaurants in the village of Alcoutim, to the sound of traditional Portuguese music.

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